We’re License to PR

An award-winning, London-based communications agency specialising in connecting brands and products with the right people.

We are experts in licensing and our experience of representing the Consumer Products divisions of entertainment companies is unrivalled. Founded in 2007, we represent the brands of Warner Discovery, NBC Universal, Hasbro eOne, Paramount Consumer Products, 9Story, Penguin Randomhouse Children’s, Sony Pictures Television – Kids and many others.

Louise O’Shea and Diana Veysey


Brand Publicity

When it comes to promoting brands, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders. It doesn’t matter whether we are working with big and well established brands or young challengers, we combine imaginative flair with specialist expertise to create high-impact brand campaigns. We are skilled at building brand stories and in managing strategic communications that achieve maximum exposure and return on investment. 

Trade PR

We have always pioneered a progressive and tailored approach to trade communications. Our clients have on-call access to our knowledge and experience and we help them to manage and maximise important business milestones alongside the natural ebb and flow of the licensing calendar. We are experts in developing and amplifying communications for the long term which is how lucrative franchises are built.  

Influencer Outreach

Peer to peer recommendations are an increasingly important influence on consumer purchasing. We work across social media with a wide range of parenting, lifestyle and celebrity influencers and we organise themed outreach campaigns to showcase our clients’ products throughout the year. We are skilled at telling simple but very effective brand stories and our campaigns are often linked to current issues or seasonal hooks, whilst reinforcing positive brand messaging and driving retail sales. 


A package through the letterbox is great but nothing compares to experiencing a brand in real life. We create and host successful hot ticket events using our own network to attract attendees who will generate a social buzz as well as national press coverage and positive word of mouth. From partying with PJ Masks to Fun in the Foyer at the Peppa Pig cinema premiere, our bespoke events make a positive impact and add the magic feel good factor every time.

Celebrity Seeding

We understand just how effective a celebrity endorsement can be in raising the commercial potential of products and brands. So we monitor the media closely in order to identify and build meaningful relationships with celebrities that can represent your brand. We have a strong track record in targeting celebs with tailored products and packages that translate seamlessly into wide-reaching media coverage that has impact and, often, longevity.

Major Anniversaries

A major anniversary or milestone is the perfect opportunity for a brand to celebrate. We specialise in making the most of these anniversaries with multi-platform PR activity spanning print, broadcast, online and social media. This might include talent interviews and celebrity seeding or showcasing new products and creating news stories. This involves working closely with multiple key stakeholders to celebrate those big milestones with impact and style.


Managing Director

Louise is the founder of License to PR. She started the agency in 2007 with Warner Bros. Consumer Products as her first client and retains them to this day. Louise has exceptional industry knowledge and has built a strong reputation as a creative and realistic media strategist. She leads new business and works closely with clients to develop programmes that help brands to reach their full potential.


Diana is License to PR’s Director. A seasoned expert at putting brands in front of the people who matter most, she has a proven track record of shining a bright spotlight on youth, entertainment and lifestyle clients. With a background in film publicity, her unique expertise lies in working with creators to unearth the untold backstory of some of our best loved entertainment brands.

Finance and Operations Manager

Rebecca is License to PR’s Finance and Ops Manager. With a keen eye on balancing the bottom line and knack for crafting spreadsheets, Rebecca is our bean-counter extraordinaire and so much more. She oversees all the financial nitty-gritty and  ensures the whole team is up-to-date on contracts, supplier relations, HR, processes and systems.

Senior Publicist

Jess is a Senior Publicist at License to PR. She began her career in the gaming industry at Activision Blizzard and joined us from the Guinness World Records press office. Jess uses her wide network of UK media contacts and ability to think BIG when it comes to creative ideation to secure valuable column inches and get talent onto national broadcast. She is absolutely in her element leading an immersive brand event and guides our consumer PR projects which span junkets, screenings, celebrities and shoots. 

Trade Account Director

Hayley is a Trade Account Director at License to PR who began her career as an intern at Disney. Hayley first joined License to PR back in 2018 and rejoins the agency having gained over two years of valuable experience at MSL working on blue chip accounts including Puma, Bourjois, Subway and Beko across global consumer, corporate and sustainability campaigns . At LtPR she currently manages trade PR for Warner Bros Discovery, Universal, Sony Pictures Television Kids and more.


Gabby is a Junior Publicist at License to PR. As a recent graduate of English Literature and Film from the University of Reading, Gabby has honed her consumer PR and social media skills at the agency and she is often the first point of contact for all influencer relations and kids press as well as the agency’s social director! Her interests include performing on stage for the National Youth Theatre and scanning the showbiz columns for celebrity gossip.