Looking for a unique content opportunity for your brand? TikTok is the video platform to answer your prayers. Loaded with brand opportunities, inspired by authenticity and practically ripping the rule books apart, here’s what you need to know about creating a viral branded TikTok video.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a short-form video platform that encourages everyone to be a creator. Videos are between 15 – 60 seconds, so every second counts. The whole idea? It doesn’t spark trends, it sets them on fire. The platform has 800 million global users and it’s reported that 69% are Generation Z. While, it’s so popular in the US that a user will open the app a minimum of 8 times per day (woah).

Film it on your mobile phone

Yes, you read that right. Ditch the studio camera, lighting and microphone you’ve worked with on previous campaigns – TikTok thrives on a user-generated, genuine video style (no airbrush or filters are welcome here). Why? It aims to capture and share the world’s creativity and real moments. After all, aren’t we all over the perfectionism of Instagram already?

Feature an exclusive hashtag

Top tip: if you’re doing a branded TikTok campaign, remember to include your brand name in the hashtag. This is how people are going to find your content and produce their own. For example, if Disney were to create a hashtag, they should choose #DisneyToyHaul instead of #toyhaul.

Use influencers

When we say influencers, we don’t necessarily mean celebrities or vloggers – nope, those days are gone. On TikTok, anyone can be an influencer if they post content with consistent engagement. Just look at these incredible women, such as Dr Julie Smith (TikTok psychologist) and Miranda Cooper (who was born with a genetic condition that left her without upper limbs) who spread positive messages on the platform. Opt for influencers who echo your brand and talk directly to your audience. Additionally, tap into sub-cultures that extend beyond your target viewers, for example a kids’ brand could consider using mum bloggers and grandparents on TikTok to promote toys from a gifting or family perspective.

Don’t treat it like any other platform

Move over YouTube and Instagram, TikTok has a completely unique way of looking at content. You’ll be pleased to know that a video is more likely to go viral when it’s filmed in a more realistic, casual setting. The bathroom is a popular place amongst influencers, as is the living room, garden and by the kitchen stove. Take a look at where Charli d’Amelio who has 37.4 million followers films her stuff..

Devise a challenge

Jump on the bandwagon with a branded challenge. Challenges are more likely to be seen throughout the platform because they’re hashtagged, giving viewers a full feed of similar content. These are usually in the form of dancing or doing something silly and always incorporate music (oh, or funny lip-syncing). When you’re creating your branded challenge, remember to bear the season in mind and keep it snappy. Some key questions you might want to ask are: Is it nearly pay day AKA when people have more cash? What’s the weather like outside – could we start this challenge in the garden? Perhaps we can use this challenge to highlight a key commercial moment?

Commercial opportunities

TikTok allows brands to invest in commercial opportunities to increase awareness of videos and campaigns. These include:

  1. Brand takeover – This appears when you open TikTok, so it’s the first interaction a user will get. It can be a 3-5 second video and won’t be drowned amongst other ads as the platform only allows one per day. Bonus: it can guarantee around 5 million impressions per day – wowza.
  2. In feed video – A branded video that’s 5 – 15 seconds, these appear as authentically as possible while the user is scrolling down their feed, driving people to click through to their TikTok page or an external site.
  3. Branded lenses – TikTok offers brands in-house lense creation. These are 2D or 3D and transform the background – a bit like a green screen. They’re best paired with a challenge to encourage more people to use it. Just another fun addition to limitless video content.