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"From an editor's perspective, the team at License to PR is top class. They have a rare depth of understanding of their clients' business and are familiar with the consumer products industry and the ebb and flow of its year. They cut through the waffle and make complex clients 'user-friendly' for the press. Through License to PR I have had access to top executives, unique stories and not-the-usual-suspect case studies. Their material is coherent, and they are quick to come forward with suggestions for appealing content that also plays to their company's strengths. It's a very intelligent approach."

The Approach

Brands don’t have birthdays or new products all the time and part of our expertise is in building stories around each brand, day by day.

We are licensed brand management specialists and our core-competency is in the promotion and protection of licensed brands on behalf of licensors. We have pioneered a progressive and innovative approach to brand promotion, offering the very best-in-class services to all our clients. Our method is built upon a deep knowledge of all aspects of the competitive licensing landscape. We are connected to the most powerful and persuasive platforms within the industry and beyond including entertainment, marketing, and retail trades, broadcast outlets, sector-specific publications and live events.

Our holistic understanding of the licensing business enables us to recognize the best routes to coverage, bringing together the right story with the perfect opportunity. We have also built substantial long-term equity with top calibre clients including NBC Universal, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network and Entertainment One that cover every aspect of the complex licensing equation.

Our full-market knowledge coupled with our list of long-term partners gives us a unique perspective from which to offer expert client counsel. To service our vision, we have a knack for tapping into the highest echelon of journalist-standard research and copywriting talent that enables us to carefully craft narratives in a way that demands attention in a media environment where mundane is just not an option. With a complete understanding of the entire brand life-cycle and the rhythms of the licensing calendar, we confidently steer our clients towards the highest profile opportunities. Making a true impact on key stakeholders is what we do best.

Our clients can expect a personal, day-to-day approach with on-call and on-demand access to our peerless industry knowledge to help create and sustain viable licensing franchises.


There is no one way to measure success. Our wins are the result of an entire scope of coverage including press releases, features, supplements, award entries, speaking engagements, digital imprints, unique events and the like. The best measure of our success is our long-list of lucrative franchises that we have assisted over the years including Peppa Pig, Harry Potter and Jurassic World.

10 + years Client Retention Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Entertainment One
Variety 25.9 million online reach Exclusive Executive Interview
100 + deal generating press releases Average Annual Distribution
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“On more than one occasion, the coverage generated by License to PR has resulted in calls from major licensees about potential future partnerships.”
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