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The Rise of Sustainability in Children’s Brands

Making more considered and green choices has become of greater importance to toy retailers following growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products.

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2020 Market Trends Storming Into 2021

Researchers are predicting the big trends for 2021 based on our activity towards the end of 2020. Here's the run down...

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The Toys that Saved us in Lockdown

Life in lockdown has thrown a sharper focus on the things we really need as a family to survive and thrive. Once you get past the basics like food, toilet roll and you've made peace with the fact that Granny is out of bounds and you are a childcare island, we’ve rediscovered how crucial toys are. Not just for keeping kids engaged and firing up their imaginations but most importantly for creating memories.

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How to Make a Branded TikTok Video

Looking for a unique content opportunity for your brand? TikTok is the video platform to answer your prayers. Loaded with brand opportunities, inspired by authenticity and practically ripping the rule books apart, here’s what you need to know about creating a viral branded TikTok video.

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A Beginners Guide to BLE by Abi Ratcliff

As a newbie to Brand Licensing Europe, (having recently joined the agency), I was anxious to see if it really was as big, bold and colourful as my colleagues had claimed. Perhaps it was the grey London skyline that added to the contrast, but it really was Big. Bold. Colourful. And I jumped right in!

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Sylvanian Families Pop-Up in Soho

This week, we made an expedition to the recently launched Sylvanian Families Pop-Up shop in Brewer Street, Soho which is taking full advantage of the October half term footfall in Central London in the lead up to the all-important Christmas retail period.

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